Tuesday Talk | Jordan Baseman (Re-scheduled)

Tuesday Talk | Jordan Baseman (Re-scheduled)



The Tuesday Talks programme invites artists, thinkers and curators to explore an aspect of their practice in a lunch-hour. Visiting speakers shape the form of their talk, so you can expect anything from in-depth discussion of a current interest to a live performance. 


Artist Statement

My work adopts some of the strategies (specifically the recorded interview) used by journalists, oral historians, anthropologists, criminologists and other social scientists and academics, and combines that approach with the literary device of creative non-fiction.

The conceptual core of all of the work is contained within voices, edited to operate as if the narrator is speaking directly to the audience. The timbre, pace, pauses and vocabulary of the narratives are constructed to emphasize and relate these personal accounts. The sources of these narratives are the result of hours of interviews that have been heavily edited, restructured and reduced to the length of a matter of minutes. The recorded interviews are edited, transcribed into text, and then re-edited textually to form a script. The final audio edit, follows the transcribed text-based script, creating narrative through a reversal of the conventional script-writing process.

The constructed narratives within the artworks are positioned from the perspective of lived experience: anecdotal first person narratives, academic expertise and speculative opinion are re-presented within the films/artworks and given equal weight in order to ask questions about the conditions and structures of both our religious and secular belief systems: our philosophical, social, political and academic foundations.

Ultimately, the works seeks to question how we determine, as individuals and as organized groups of people, what gives our lives and our culture meaning? My intention is to produce a hybrid form of expanded, experimental portraiture through combining various methods of creating and collecting narratives that are fused with both conceptual and physical experimental film-making practices and processes.


The Tuesday Talks programme is a collaboration between the Peter Scott Gallery and Lancaster University Fine Art Department. The Spring 2018 season includes: 

Richard DeDomenici | 30 October

Jake Clark | 6 February

Paulette Terry Brian | 13 February

Rebecca Louise Collins | 20 February

Hannah Catherine Jones | 27 February

Jordan Baseman | 23 March