Double Bill: Figs in Wigs & Jamie Wood

Double Bill: Figs in Wigs & Jamie Wood


Theatre Double Bill: 2 Shows for the Price of 1
Your double bill ticket will allow you into both of these shows in the Nuffield Theatre

7.30pm. Figs in Wigs: Show Off

You’re so vain you probably think this show is about you. But it’s actually about Figs in Wigs – the lowbrow answer to avant-garde. Show Off nosedives deep into our shallow digital existence, goggling at how social media has bred a new form of narcissism.

In a selfie-obsessed effort to tick every box five performers reintroduce themselves as comedians, dancers, visual artists, musicians and circus entertainers. After all, nowadays one trick ponies rarely make the cut.

"Figs in Wigs prove that silly and whiplash smart go hand in hand. Terrific fun." Lyn Gardner

9.15pm. Jamie Wood: Beating McEnroe

Bjorn Borg epitomised tennis cool. He was everything Jamie and his brother wanted to be. Then John McEnroe came along and Jamie was beaten, along with Borg. Thirty years of torment and self-questioning later, Jamie is ready to face his greatest opponent. Beating McEnroe is about being a younger brother and a bad loser. It is about competition and control, vitriol and zen. It is about rivalry and love and how they can both better us and destroy us. It is funny, familiar and strangely beautiful.