Company Fierce and Quarantine: Susan & Darren

Company Fierce and Quarantine: Susan & Darren


A first for the Nuffield: an alternative Christmas Show!

An event with dancing created with and performed by Darren Pritchard and his mum, Susan. Quarantine and Company Fierce join forces with writer Sonia Hughes and choreographer Jane Mason for a performance where real life doesn't stop when the show starts.

Susan Pritchard is Darren Pritchard's mother. She is fifty and he is twenty-five. Darren lives at home with Susan, in the house he grew up in. Darren is a dancer and choreographer. Susan cleans, for Darren, and professionally. They dance together at home to John Holt, Althea and Diana Ross. You'd spot that they were mother and son instantly.

You are invited to help Susan and Darren prepare for one of their famous parties. Along the way there will be devastation, dancing and intimate conversation. Friends and neighbours might pop in. There'll be a lovely Christmas buffet with mince pies, turkey sandwiches and maybe some crackers. Come and join the party!

one of the most original, intimate, warmly human and movingly open-hearted shows I've seen in a very long time.

Manchester Evening News
It is not often, at the end of a show, that you long to rush up and hug the performers, but I had to resist the urge after this piece produced by Company Fierce and Quarantine... it dawns on you that not only are Susan and Darren discovering as much about each other as we are about them, but they are also shining a light on our own familial relationships. This is not so much a performance as a gift - one that comes straight from the heart

Lyn Gardner The Guardian 13/11/06

Monday 11 December 2006 to Tuesday 12 December 2006 @ 8pm!/QtineMCR