OPEN15: Andy Smith: The Preston Bill

OPEN15: Andy Smith: The Preston Bill


Joins us on election night for this special work-in-progress performance of a new piece of theatre by Live at LICA Associate Artist Andy Smith.

The Preston Bill tells a story from The North. The story of a life. The story of our lives.

It’s a story that reflects on the changing socio-political landscape of the last 80 years. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening as the country goes to the polls.

Andy Smith has been making solo works for theatre since 2004, most recently All That Is Solid Melts Into Air and Commonwealth. During this time he has also collaborated as a co-director on the plays of Tim Crouch. In 2013 they also wrote and performed What Happens To The Hope At The End Of The Evening together.

Supported and produced by Fuel

Presented as part of OPEN 2015: What Is A 21st Century Arts Centre? Artists Week.