OPEN16: LMC Exhibition - What Does Politics Mean to You?

OPEN16: LMC Exhibition - What Does Politics Mean to You?


What Does Politics Mean to You?

An exhibition of work by Lancaster & Morecambe College final year BTEC Level 3 Creative Media (Film and TV) students.


Artist: Julian Chouard
Title: Dreary Bright
Year: 2016
Collaborators: Marcus Camp, Joe Knowles
The installation is about Order and Control. It is based on how we all live from 
a day to day basis and plays on how someone could wake up one day 
realising how we’re living. I found inspiration from the saying “Métro, boulot, 
dodo”. I wanted to open peoples eyes to how they are truly living by 
repressing this in the repeating life of an average college student in a gloomy 

Artist: Chloe Leney
Title: Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word
Year: 2016
Collaborator: Mayson Burr
For this piece I used a canon 70d and filmed it in the studio. I used different 
lenses to get the shots I wanted. For the close ups I used a 70-300mm lens 
and for the other shots I used the 18-55mm lens. 
This piece is about how feminism can be misunderstood, an amplified opinion 
can be taken as fact rather than understanding what it really means to be a 
feminist. Feminism is becoming more accepted within the younger generation 
but there are still obstacles to overcome. 
With thanks to: Kaden Henshaw Bambury, Sophie Grieve-Williams and
Jessica Jubb

Artist: Matthew Seddon
Title: Is It Really Worth A Like Rating?
Year: 2016
Collaborators: CJ Green, Liam Coates
"Social Media has become a major part of everyone's lives in the last decade, 
our lives have been taken over by scrolling through our Facebook feeds, 
seeing what is trending on Twitter, watching a seemingly endless number of 
cat videos on YouTube, and deciding what filter will look good with our selfie 
to post on Instagram. We all spend so many hours in a day doing this that we 
all forget to look up from our screens and enjoy all the opportunities and 
experiences that were missing out on; we all forget to spend quality time with 
the most important people in our lives, our family and friends.  
This piece shows two versions of the same character the night before an 
important meeting, with one version being a social media user and the other 
being one that avoids it; I hope that when you look at the two of them, you 
may think about the last time that you used social media, and think about 
whether it could have held you back from having an important opportunity. If 
you did miss out on something important I want you to ask yourself, “was it 
really worth missing out on just to leave a like rating?" 
With thanks to: Mayson Burr


Misconceptions of Schizophrenia

Artist Concept: Jessica Jubb

Collaborators: Holly Martindale and Joe Haslam