Mem Morrison: Ringside

Mem Morrison: Ringside


Mem Morrison requests the pleasure of your company at Lancaster Town Hall...

Ringside draws on a lifetime of Turkish Cypriot family weddings, and is an intimate attempt to belong to a culture, to a family and to someone. This site-specific performance will be performed with a group of 30 local female co-performers, playing the roles of Mem's potential wives and wedding guests.

Mem Morrison is a performer and director. He works in collaboration with multi-disciplinary artists to produce performances for theatres, site-specific spaces and galleries. With a strong emphasis on design, the work often draws upon personal history and environment to evoke the complexities of cultural difference.

We are seeking local women to play the parts of 'potential wives' in Ringside. If you would like to take part, please contact Nuffield Creative Producer Alice Booth ( for more information.

The performance takes place in the Ashton Hall of Lancaster Town Hall.