Celebrity Recital: Gabriela Montero

Celebrity Recital: Gabriela Montero


This goddess of the piano is one of the most unique artists of her time. Montero has carved a reputation for her exceptional real-time improvisations made "on the fly".

BRAHMS: Intermezzo Op. 117
CHOPIN: Scherzo No. 3
LECUONA Malaguena
LECUONA La Comparsita
LECUONA Gitanerias
GINASTERA Danza Criolla
GINASTERA: Piano Sonata No. 1

+ Improvisations based on themes from the audience

Montero's solo recital tour sees her perform in Lisbon, Munich, Luxembourg, St. Moritz & Lancaster University. Famed for her real-time improvisations she performed at President Obama's 2009 inauguration. 

In some concerts, it is uncharacteristic for classical musicians to interact with their audience. But this is how Venezuelan pianist, Gabriela Montero, is connecting with her listeners and blowing away the "stuffiness" of the classical music concert.

Montero presents a Latin flavoured selection of music close to her heart, full of flirty and full-blooded South American compositions. She follows this with a completely unique set where she takes musical requests from the audience and improvises on them. This shows how Montero uses all her charm, wit and humour to create complex and spontaneous pieces while performing in the moment. Her extraordinary musicality simply oozes from her fingertips.

This is a rare opportunity to hear a globally admired talent and exhilaratingly refreshing approach to music making.