José García Oliva: Bristle by Bristle

José García Oliva: Bristle by Bristle

Out of Hours: a project about work, visibility and invisibility with artist José García Oliva

Date: Wednesday 8 November
Time: Drop in any time between 9AM and 6PM, each activity lasts approximately 30-45 mins
Location: Jack Hylton Room, Great Hall Complex, Lancaster University

We are very excited to invite you to participate in a unique collaborative art work.

Bristle by Bristle offers an opportunity to reflect on and recognise the often unsung work that keeps our communities functioning, particularly the work of cleaning staff. Working together, we will create a visual reminder of the significance of this work in a collective moment of acknowledgment. This event will be facilitated by José García Oliva and the Lancaster Arts team and forms part of a wider project with artist José García Oliva in his commission, Out of Hours.  You can read José's fascinating blog about the project here.

José is a Venezuelan artist who is based in London, and whose dedication to creating socially conscious art is exemplified in his previous project at Lancaster University, 'Traces,' currently on display at our University library. He is interested in highlighting the daily stories of work that we all often overlook.

Event Description:

The concept is simple yet powerful. We will use the bristles from old brooms, carefully washed and placed on buckets. As you enter the room, you'll have the opportunity to participate in creating the art work with José by taking a bunch of these bristles and arranging them collectively on a larger canvas. Each piece you place is a gesture to acknowledge cleaners' vital and demanding tasks. The result will be a collaborative meditation composed of various colourful, used bristles.

Hot beverages will be provided.

Why Participate?

We want to ignite new conversations though artistic practices and include people who have not made art works before. By joining us in this creative gesture as part of José’s dynamic new commission, you will contribute to a powerful collaborative message of acknowledgement, recognition and solidarity.

Gallery Display:

The final joint artwork will be showcased as part of Out of Hours at the Peter Scott Gallery, 19 January – 9 February 2024.

How to Participate:

No prior artistic experience is required, just curiosity and enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing you on 8 November in the Jack Hylton Room.

Please book your place to help us with event planning, or just turn up on the day.

For any questions or additional information, please contact Jacob Cordingley at