FestQFringe: Taking On Tarmageddon and Do The Math

FestQFringe: Taking On Tarmageddon and Do The Math




How can we combat Climate Change?

To open this years Go Green Week, Lancaster People and Planet will be hosting filmscreenings of two documentaries focusing on climate change, the industries which cause it, as well as the ways you can resist. We will hopefully have some speakers with us as well, to host a discussion about these issues afterwards. Please come along and keep your eyes open for other GGW events happening!

Taking On Tarmageddon is a film by P&P which explores reactions by Canada’s First Nation communities whose lands and rights have been trampled on by the tar sands, as well as how they worked with UK activists to fight this.

Do The Math was created by 350.org and chronicles resistance to the ever growing threat of climate disaster.

Tea, Coffee & Vegan Cake will be provided: Donations encouraged.


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[This is a FestQFringe event hosted by People and Planet and presented as part of the Festival of Questions 2.2.2016-20.2.2016]