Tuesday Artist Talk: Chris Leach

Tuesday Artist Talk: Chris Leach


Artist Chris Leach joins us this week whose miniature drawings are created as part of an ongoing project titled 'The World'.

Our Tuesday Talk series invites artists to share original films around what 'in the studio' means to them. Each short film will be followed by a live Q&A discussion about the artist's work and topics raised in the film. The talk programme is taking place online and has been developed in collaboration with the LICA Fine Art department at Lancaster University.

Chris Leach

Chris Leach is an artist based in Todmorden - producing drawn works with a slant towards the political.

The focus of his practice are his miniature drawings created as part of an ongoing project titled 'The World'. Leach's drawings are of locations around the world such as Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Rabat (Morroco), and Micronesia's own Palikir.

Check out Chris Leach's blog which documents the detailed process of producing works depicting outdoor scenes of capital cities on a tiny scale.

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