Ergon Theatre: The Wicked Problem

Ergon Theatre: The Wicked Problem


The Wicked Problem is an immersive courtroom drama by Ergon Theatre. 

The year is 2061. The world, as we know it, has changed. As the inhabitable world around us perishes and the threat of extinction-level climate disasters rise, the UK issues a new government structure; ERGON.  

You have received a jury summons to participate in the world's first ecocide trial. You, the Jury will need to challenge your morals and views in order to take action in this ground-breaking trial. What will you decide? 

Ergon Theatre is a company with sustainability and climate change at its core. Ergon creates work looking at futures within the climate crisis, inviting audiences into open discussions that tackle blame-culture, the finite pool of worry theory and the importance of green actions. Their work transports audiences into immersive future worlds, encouraging people to become participants in the work. 

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