Tuesday Talk: Anat Ben David

Tuesday Talk: Anat Ben David


Join artists, thinkers and curators to explore an aspect of their practice in a lunch-hour. Visiting speakers shape the form of their talk, so you can expect anything from in-depth discussion to a live performance.


Part of pop-punk-performance art pioneers, Chicks on Speed, Anat Ben David is an interdisciplinary artist working across live performance and installation. Anat describes her artistic practice as OpeRaart, a combination of sound, voice, language and image.

Anat writes, "Primarily, my interest lies in the relationship between different elements occurring in an event where; text, sound and digital image, are mediated through improvisation and performance. The fundamental question in an artwork that includes different mediums and different systems within it is: what are the foundational concepts that underpin the various components, enabling them to develop into a coherent whole – the OpeRaArt. Performance occurs at many levels in OpEraArt, performance also functions as a mechanism that activates and shapes the work that arises out of the interactions of different systems."