Forced Entertainment: If All Else Fails

Forced Entertainment: If All Else Fails


Lancaster Arts is proud to welcome back Forced Entertainment with If All Else Fails their new comical and tangled collaboration performed by Seke Chimutengwende and Cathy Naden, and directed by Tim Etchells with dramaturgy by Tyrone Huggins.   

Two performers engage in an absurd test that seems to shift and change as they work their way through it. Fragments of a language lesson. Questions from a personality quiz. Slogans from some future society. The performers laugh, hesitate, ask for more time. The test continues. As the clock ticks it’s not even certain if the subjects of the test are the audience or the performers.   Drawing on the artists’ mutual interest in improvisation, and in setting up complex, comical and unstable performance situations, the piece brings together two powerful forces in the contemporary theatre scene.  


“…Near legendary…at the forefront of performance and innovation.”  
The Stage (UK) 

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