Forced Entertainment: The World in Pictures

Forced Entertainment: The World in Pictures


The World in Pictures moves beyond the confines of its incomplete mock-history to touch on memory, mortality, the past, the future and the intricate detail of our own lives. Somewhere, amid the frequent downfalls of fire-proofed theatrical snow, the ragbag of dodgy costumes, the swirling music and the improvised scenery, there's a bold attempt to tell the Story of Mankind.

With their deserved reputation for work that is provocative, exciting and frequently disconcerting, Forced Entertainment's newest theatre piece follows the line of 2004's acclaimed Bloody Mess, continuing the company's exploration of theatre as a unique space of encounter between performers and audience.

Britain's most brilliant experimental theatre company

The Guardian

Not suitable for under-16s

UK co-producers: Nuffield Theatre Lancaster, Warwick Arts Centre and Tramway (Glasgow).

WORKSHOP (10am-1pm, Friday 27 October)

Forced Entertainment will be running a participatory workshop alongside the performance of The World in Pictures. 

Thursday 26 October 2006 to Friday 27 October 2006 @ 8pm
(plus post-show discussion on 26th)