OPEN15: Network Agora

OPEN15: Network Agora


Week three of OPEN will address networked approaches to art-making/art production and the idea of the social space (physical or digital) as a catalyst for working collaboratively. This is an opportunity to explore the ways in which a 21st Century arts Centre communicates both internally and externally and also provides a space for artistic production and academic exploration.

Networks, digital and non-digital, are a way of collaborating, sharing, creating and developing. When did this trend start and where will it take us? What does a networked space mean for artists, academics and organisations? How do networks not only impact on the generation of ideas and artworks but also the way in which institutions communicate?

By achieving an understanding of the many forms a network can take we can then progress and apply these networks to our work in order to achieve new things. However, despite the impression given by networks are we ever truly connected and can this ever be achieved?

The week’s main event will be a Network Agora on Saturday 16th May. We invite you to attend discussions involving artists, academics and industry professionals about networks. Food, performance, film and music will also play a role in our understanding of what it is to be networked, digitally and physically, from an academic, artistic and professional point of view. The day will culminate in an Algorave. See below for more details.

Running order for Network Agora available for download here

For more information and booking for the Algorave click here. Please note that there will be flashing images during this performance.

Click here to see our Network Agora/Algorave flyer