OPEN16: Situated Composition Workshop: Emerging Practices of Sound and Mobility

OPEN16: Situated Composition Workshop: Emerging Practices of Sound and Mobility


This one day workshop on creative sonic futures will feature presentations by 7 international researcher-practitioners working in the areas of sound, music, and mobile and locative media, followed by hands-on experimentation with the emerging concept and practice of situated composition.

Sound production and composition are increasingly taking place in a broad array of situations outside of well-established studio environments. New possibilities are emerging for people with widely varying levels of expertise to work with sound in an unprecedented range of contexts facilitated by the growing accessibility and mobility of sound tools, such as digital audio recorders, smart phones, and tablets. “Situated composition” describes these developments, and draws attention to the situatedness of all sound production and compositional processes. It also serves as a concept for thinking through the multiple interrelated conditions that foster and arise from creative sound practices, including the mixture of material, social, virtual and digital elements that continuously co-compose one another.


This event is programmed by the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University, and is part of Lancaster Arts's #2016OPEN season.


6 May 2016 | 10am - 6.30pm | Peter Scott Gallery

10am Artist and researcher presentations (w/break for coffee/tea)

1:15pm Lunch (provided)

2:15pm Hands-on experimentation and prototyping of approaches to situated composition (w/break for coffee/tea)

This workshop is followed by a performance from Owen Chapman at 6pm, using the audio remixing application Echoscape


With presentations from:

Ximena Alarcón – UK-based Colombian sound artist and research fellow (UAL, CRiSAP – Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice)

Owen Chapman – Canadian sound artist, DJ, Associate Professor in Sound Production and Scholarship (Concordia University, Montreal)

Ron Herrema – UK-based American freelance composer, multimedia artist, and app developer

Linda O’Keeffe – UK-based Irish sound artist, Lecturer in Sound (Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts)

Jen Southern – UK artist, Lecturer in Fine Art, Director Mobilities Lab (Lancaster University)

Samuel Thulin – Canadian sound artist and Visiting Researcher (Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University)

Matt Wand – UK Sound artist, freelance producer, sound designer, and music label owner


Registration Fee

In order to offset expenses while keeping the workshop open and equitable, we encourage participants to contribute a £30 registration fee; if this fee is not affordable participants are welcomed to register free of charge. Registration is via Eventbrite, payments will be made through Lancaster University online payment system - a  reminder will be emailed when this service is available.