Sue MacLaine: Can I Start Again Please

Sue MacLaine: Can I Start Again Please


Sue MacLaine: Can I Start Again Please
8pm Wednesday 23 November

Can I Start Again Please is a meditative and moving performance about our cognitive capacity to process traumatic experience and the ability of language to represent it. It examines the power of language, as well as its failings. Why does language conceal as much as it reveals? How can it determine what is heard and what is ignored, what is articulated and what is silenced?

Parallel narratives are told in the parallel languages of spoken English and British Sign Language, which intersect, diverge and build to create a mesmerising mix of verbal, visual and physical performance.

A Sick! Festival commission made with support using public funding from Arts Council England.

WINNER Total Theatre Award 2015 for Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form.

BSL interpreted post-show talk with the company.

★★★★ The Guardian