17OPEN | Emerging Artists Summit

17OPEN | Emerging Artists Summit


Having wedged their feet in the door last season, a small group of emerging artists are now back to open it. Ali Wilson, Tin Can People and Theatre 42 will be in the Peter Scott Gallery drinking tea and coffee and would very much like some company. With you, they would like to discuss the role of emerging artists in 2017, the routes available and ultimately, how “open” is the industry?

After a successful showcase following a week of intensive workshops and rehearsals as part of Foot in the Door, these artists will share their experiences from the weeks since. They are interested in your own creative practice (if you have one) and any and all observations you have on the world as it stands today.

In addition to a great conversation, we would love to have a physical reminder of the words that were spoken for the rest of OPEN. So, shoes will be provided and you are encouraged to write, draw, doodle and generally decorate them throughout the conversations we have. These shoes will then remain in the Peter Scott Gallery throughout OPEN to continue the conversation after we have all gone our separate ways.

As these emerging artists present the steps they’ve taken, we hope that this dialogue will motivate artists and students in similar positions to take the first step.

This event is part of OPEN 2017, To join the online OPEN discussion please use the twitter tag: #17OPEN