Season Butler: Happiness Forgets

Season Butler: Happiness Forgets


Remember the good old days when everyone got along, when life was simple, when our television screens protected us from sex, violence and the discomfort of difference? Remember when police were friendly, politicians were statesmen, mothers were wholesome, the rich worked hard and celebrities were role models? Remember when we knew where we belonged?

Me neither.

Starting from a Cosby Show binge, viewing the pre-digital past through the dirty glasses of hindsight, Happiness Forgets interrogates the space between celebrities and fans, credibility and doubt, comedy and tragedy. It’s about race, sex, nostalgia and the moment when we see something familiar in a whole new light.

Happiness Forgets takes the form of a lecture performance utilising dance, video, and sound.

Presented as part of Festival of Questions [2.2.16-20.2.16] 

Co-commissioned by Fierce Festival, Chelsea Theatre (for Sacred), Colchester Arts Centre, Compass, Live Collision and Lancaster Arts.Work developed during a Staycation Residency at Chisenhale Dance Space. 

Choreographer: Jamila Johnson-Small
Production Dramaturg: R Justin Hunt

This performance takes place at The Auditorium, the Storey, Lancaster