A2 : The Future of Death / part 5 Workshops

A2 : The Future of Death / part 5 Workshops


We are seeking local participants from all ages and backgrounds to take part in The Future of Death / part 5, by performance company A2 and commissioned by Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster (funded additionally by Awards for All). This is an evolving performance installation in which 40 local people gradually bury each other with earth, following workshops exploring the inter-relationship between Living & Dying. This project will be presented at the Storey Gallery in Lancaster on the 23rd and 24th of October.


A taster/audition workshop has already taken place, but there is still a chance to be involved. If you did not attend the taster, we ask that you come to either the morning or afternoon session on Sunday 11th Oct. This will be a taster/audition for you, and you will find out the next day if you have been selected to take part in the project. Selected participants will be asked to attend between 5 and 10 workshops from 11th - 22nd October, 2-4 hrs per day. Attendance at all the workshops will not be necessary (although you are welcome and encouraged to do so) and times will be arranged to be flexible according to availability of participants. The workshops will lead up to the two performances taking place on 23rd & 24th October 2009.

Since its 1st presentation at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London 2005, The Future of Death has been recreated in Vienna – part 2, Ljubljana – part 3 & Dortmund – part 4. Each installment being unique & reflective of the time, place & new personalities of 40 diverse people involved. Initial Life-Death research took root at Parc de la Villette, Paris, where A2 engaged with the terminally ill in Palliative Care to discover; the changes of heart made (if any) on the verge of death and how this knowledge can be put into practice in our lives now. Their findings were presented in the 100 Dessus Dessous Festival.

One of the most striking & sparkling performances of the festival; it blended sensitivity, an impish consciousness of life…. a real sense of purpose

Centre National de la Danse Paris

London based A2 Company is a collaboration between artists Anton Mirto & Alit Kreiz. Together they create contemporary performance, installation projects, & educational events exploring new personal, social & emotional language forms, which aim to interrogate & reflect the human experience.

Their performances are, in effect, a kind of living gift

The Times

If you want to take part contact Alice Booth on alice@nuffieldtheatre.com or 01524 592994 for full details.