Keziah Serreau: Strike!

Keziah Serreau: Strike!


From the producers of Ockham's Razor

Delve into the Kafka-like world of Strike! where man breaks free from bureaucracy and the constraints of work.

Directed by the up-and-coming Keziah Serreau and devised with a company of five highly skilled performers, Strike! uses intense physicality, humour, innovative aerial structures, straps, slack rope, trick bike and a deluge of cardboard boxes to blur the boundaries between circus and theatre.

Strike! is commissioned and co-produced by Jacksons Lane. Produced by Turtle Key Arts.

Also available workshops to compliment the performance

Director's Workshop: 3pm. Wednesday 28 November £5 / FREE to Supporters
Circus Workshop: 3pm. Friday 30 October £5 / FREE to Supporters