Tuesday Artist Talk: Danica Maier

Tuesday Artist Talk: Danica Maier


Artist Danica Maier's performative talk will meander through and evoke the unrepeating-repeat, laborious repetitive processes, and expectations of site and propriety.

Join us virtually on Zoom to hear from artists who will each share an original film about what time means to their practice followed by a live Q&A discussion. The public talks programme has been developed in collaboration with Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts at Lancaster University.  

Danica Maier is an American artist and academic currently living and working in Lincolnshire. Her practice focuses on the un-repeating-repeat, material processes, transposition, conflating expectations, and how an audience looks / listens; as well as the dialogical nature of collaborative projects that foster independent artworks alongside wider group outcomes. Her work uses site-specific installations, drawing, and objects to explore expectations, while using subtle slippages to transgress propriety.


Free, please pre-book