Proto-Type Theater: Fortnight

Proto-Type Theater: Fortnight


Something poetic, beautiful and strange is coming to Lancaster. Fortnight will encourage you to peel back the layers of where you live; to look for secrets and surprises; to meet someone new or hide in a crowd.

“It’s not a play. It’s not a game. It’s a series of fireworks and you have the matches…”

Fortnight is a two-week bespoke experience that unfolds in real-time for participants who live in Lancaster. It is a theatrical intervention into daily life that takes place via the modes of communication we use every day (mobile phone, email and post), and through invitations to interact with objects located across the city. Over the course of two weeks you will receive secret invites, poetic nudges and mysterious communications that will ask you to look again at the way you navigate the city.

Spaces are strictly limited, and you must book by 5pm on 13th October to take part. Bookings cannot be made after this date.