Donna Rutherford: WORKSHOP

Donna Rutherford: WORKSHOP


Artist Donna Rutherford has worked with different forms of Personal Storytelling using Video and Performance for over 20 years.

During the KIN Workshop Donna shall introduce her creative process, the specific concepts behind KIN and discuss how this unique project works across Arts, Health and Social Care.  Workshop Participants will then be able to contribute their own stories (through writing or informal discussion) which reflect on elements of their own ageing and shifting dynamics of family relationships.  Donna shall help pull connections together for the group.

After this session participants shall see Donna’s live performance of KIN and be able to pick up on the ideas and issues of KIN during a Post-Show discussion on the Saturday night.

Comments from participants in the KIN Listening Post project:

You never lose that dynamic of a parent child relationship. I’ll always be her wee boy, even though am almost 42! – she still refers to me as her wee boy...”

I do think that what goes around comes and that it’s my turn to look after her... And count to ten...

There's an easiness now... I can understand her more as a woman - the older I’ve got, thinking of her at the same stage or age as I’ve been or am.  Thinking “oh blimey – what was it like when you were approaching 60...

Workshop 2pm - 5pm
KIN Performance 8pm
Post-show discussion from 9pm

We are keen to engage with a wide age range of Participants for the Workshop from 18 – 80 years old...