FutureEverything: Environment 2.0

FutureEverything: Environment 2.0


In 2008, the Nuffield Theatre and Manchester's Futuresonic Festival together commissioned artists to respond to the theme of social networking 'unplugged'. Now, as part of the festival's re-launch as FutureEverything, we present their exploration of art and sustainability: Environment 2.0.

In urban environments we can be insulated from nature and the consequences of our actions. Environment 2.0 opens an original engagement with the environment through projects that provoke and inspire. Invited international artists have addressed sustainability in forceful and irreverent ways, producing artworks that make visible the outcomes of our actions at a local level, artworks as social interventions, and artworks that arise out of an engagement between artists and scientists.

Curated by Drew Hemment and Dennis Hopkins.

Featuring artists Ackroyd & Harvey, HeHe, Amy Balkin, Eva Meyer-Keller and Aaron Koblin.