Victoria present Miet Warlop: Propositions 1 & 2

Victoria present Miet Warlop: Propositions 1 & 2


Miet Warlop is one of the young artists who work under Belgian company Victoria's wings in their new project 'De Bank' (The Bank).

Proposition 1: Reanimation

From what seems to be just a pile of old clothing and a stack of chairs, Warlop slowly conjures up a room full of human activity. Working with these minimal means, she creates life through suggestion: intimate scenes, aggression or perversion, and the quietness after the storm.

Proposition 2: Reconstruction

What were we like before we were provided with knowledge? Proposition 2: Reconstruction is an attempt to put back together the things that have been lost in the course of time, to reconstruct a past, not out of nostalgia, but out of curiosity.

I find Miet's work really unusual and completely fascinating - strange dramas of objects and people that lie somewhere on a border between performance and animated installation.

Tim Etchells (Forced Entertainment), selecting artist

Wednesday 5 December 2007 @ 8pm