People Show 137: God Knows How Many

People Show 137: God Knows How Many


Lancaster Arts is honoured to present People Show to complete our Radical Histories, Radical Futures season. With the company now archiving and reflecting on their first 50 years, they surge onwards into another decade.

People Show stalwarts - Emil Wolk, George Khan, Mark Long and Bill Palmer, come together for a show. New and on the other hand old.

From the troubadours of the Parisian boulevards of yesteryear to the dark global corporate domination of today, People Show Number 137: God Knows How Many, will take you precisely nowhere. But along the way, you will laugh and feel a sense of what it is we might all be doing here.

Which is all they ever really wanted.

Theatre without People Show would be like music without Rock n Roll.

Sam Shepard



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