Gob Squad: We Are Gob Squad & So Are You

Gob Squad: We Are Gob Squad & So Are You


Using a technique they call ‘remote acting’, this performance-lecture is a chance to get to know the inner workings of Gob Squad Arts Collective.  Exploring the company’s methods and motivations behind their work, the group will lift the lid on their participatory performances – where the boundaries between audience and performers often disappear completely.

Just be yourself, be true to yourself, follow your dreams and reach for the stars. This is the mantra of a generation that prizes individuality as the ultimate expression of freedom. But who is this "self" that you think you are? How did you come to be what you think you are? What makes you you? And what happens when we venture outside the concept of the "unique self"?


Don't miss Gob Squad's "War & Peace" on Thursday 16 November 2017


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