Amy Vreeke: The Year My Vagina Tried To Kill Me

Amy Vreeke: The Year My Vagina Tried To Kill Me


This brand new show, originally developed at Lancaster Arts as part of our 'Foot in the Door' programme last year, takes a frank and funny look at a life-altering disease that affects one in ten women in the UK.

Stand-up comedian and theatre maker Amy Vreeke creates multi-genre, autobiographical work that explores social taboos with candour and comedy. Amy was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2016. Now she’s here to relive twelve years of misdiagnosis, toilet-based mishaps and failed one-night stands. Endometriosis causes the uterus lining to grow in other parts of the body, creating a wide range of painful symptoms that can affect a woman’s everyday life. Through bluntly delivered jokes, captivating storytelling and a little help from the Gilmore Girls, Amy explores the taboos that surround women’s health and gives us an insight into a life with a chronic illness.



Suitable for

16yrs+ (Contains strong language & sexual references)

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