OPEN15: Artist Summit - Panel: What is Liveness?

OPEN15: Artist Summit - Panel: What is Liveness?


Artist Panel: What is Liveness? with Rebecca Birch, Jen Southern, Prof Andrew Quick, David Raymond Conroy

A panel discussion featuring four practitioners each presenting a short pitch on what the term ‘liveness’ means to them, how it informs their practice and what relevance it has to producing art in the 21st Century.

Rebecca Birch’s solo work includes elucidating the story of a lichen-covered stick through conversational events and happenings, performance drawing and situated video screenings. She also produces a roving live video broadcast project called Field Broadcast with fellow artist Rob Smith.

Jen Southern is an artist who works closely with mobile technologies to explore what it means to inhabit media. In collaboration with other artists, technologists and members of the public she produces live installations that combine material and digital experience.

Andrew Quick is a performance researcher, writer and maker with a core role in the theatre company imitating the dog whose blend of digitally video mapped imagery and literary informed performance has drawn strong acclaim nationally and internationally. Imitating the dog are also Live at LICA Associate Artists.

David Raymond Conroy’s work includes mixed media sculpture, installation and text as well as performance, with a foray into theatre in 2012 adapting David Foster Wallace’s Brief Interviews with Hideous Men for the stage in collaboration with artist Andy Holden.

Chaired by Richard Smith (Curator, Live at LICA)

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