Tuesday Talks - Ximena Alarcon and Ron Herrema

Tuesday Talks - Ximena Alarcon and Ron Herrema


Our Tuesday Talks invite artists to make a presentation about their ideas or practice, but to think beyond a curriculum vitae style presentation.

Ximena Alarcon

I am a UK-based Colombian sound artist and researcher who engages in listening to migratory spaces and connecting this to individual and collective memories. I am interested in creating sound art works, using networked technologies, derived from listening experiences in interstitial spaces where borders become diffused, such asunderground transport systems, dreams, and the ‘in-between’ space in the context of migration. My practice involves ethnography, deep listening practice, and sonic improvisation, and my tools include networking technologies and multimedia interfaces. With all of these I bring to light the sonic spaces that lie in-between departures and destinations, searching for a holistic way of being in the world.


Information from http://ximenaalarcon.net/home.html

Ron Herrema

Ron Herrema is a freelance composer of music, sound and image. He composes both acoustic and electroacoustic music, as well as both still and moving image. He has a particular (but not exclusive) affinity for algorithmic techniques in both realms. Currently residing in London, England, he is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan and received his PhD in composition from Michigan State University. He worked as a full-time lecturer at Northeastern University from 2001-2004 and at De Montfort University from 2004-2011. In 2008 he began his study of Deep Listening practice with Pauline Oliveros and continues to look for ways to flow musically into, with, and through the world.

Information from http://ronherrema.net/

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