Thank you Pam!

In loving memory of Pamela Beswick, ‘Lancaster Arts volunteer extraordinaire’

Pam Beswick

Pam volunteered for Lancaster Arts for many years and took part in almost everything we have done. Her presence will have touched you if you came to our shows in our seasons over the last decade, from our classical concerts to Afrika Eye North, if you took part in our many public workshops, if you were a student with LICA or part of our volunteer-force or engaged with our webinar series over the last 6 months. We include some photographs of Pam below.

Pam didn’t just volunteer for Lancaster Arts; she was an integral part of our team. But she was also integral to other organisations in Lancaster such as the Tara Centre, Young Lancashire and the Fork to Fork Community Garden.

If you would like to make a donation to these wonderful organisations that Pam worked so hard for, please find out more at:


Thank you Pam.

Afrika Eye North Volunteers
Lancaster Arts Concert Evening