INHABIT: LICA Festival 2024 Thursday Theatre Ticket

INHABIT: LICA Festival 2024 Thursday Theatre Ticket

This ticket will give you access to all three theatre performances on the Thursday of INHABIT: LICA Festival 2024.

Subliminal - 2pm

Running Time: 50mins

Having strange thoughts lately? Why not follow us into the bizarre domain of your brain? Featuring an entrancing mix of light, gesture, voice, and sound, SubLiminal explores the depths of dreams, and what lies beyond the conscious mind.

A woman leaning on a box

A&E - 3.30pm

Running Time: 50mins

A lighting rig collapses. Five performers are trapped in A&E. Waiting time: undetermined. Suspicions rise and secrets come to light, but who is to blame for the crash? This deadly whodunnit with musical asks what must be sacrificed to make it in theatre and in life.

5 performers

Waves - 5pm

Running Time: 40mins

Immerse yourself into this piece of total theatre inspired by Virginia Woolf’s The Waves. Dance, film, light, and sound combine into an ever-changing stage environment that ripples, foams, curls, and breaks – just like the ocean itself. 

Waves 1718119665