Making Time Symposium

Making Time Symposium


Following the year-long Making Time performance commissioned by Nuffield Theatre Lancaster in 2009/10, this symposium will explore more broadly the theme of time and duration in contemporary art practice, across artforms and critical perspectives.

What is time? How do we mark time and how does it mark us?

This interdisciplinary event brings together academic research, performance, live art, film, music, discussion and debate, reflecting on performance and documentation, time as cultural construct, protracted/contracted duration, endurance, time and its passing.

The symposium will include input from artists, academics and writers as well as non-arts perspectives addressing the wider human experience and perception of time. The Making Time commission artists, Jonathan Raisin and Elizabeth Willow, will also reflect on their experiences during the project. The themes of the symposium are also reflected in the concurrent Peter Scott Gallery exhibitions, Time Pieces and Gathering Time, which run during the symposium.


Session 1 (12-2pm)

Matt Fenton, chair (Lancaster University) - introductory remarks.

Professor David Wiles (Royal Holloway) - A critical perspective on theatre and time.

Amanda Couch (artist/photographer & University for the Creative Arts) - Dust Passed and the future of Three Magic Particles: a quest to make a version of Man Ray's Dust Breeding. An exploration of time and matter through the observation and transformation of particles - light, dust, and (photographic) grain.

Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers (plan b) - Narrating our Lines: plan b use their practice of recording everywhere they go with a GPS to explore issues of distance, intimacy, ownership and everyday life.


Refreshments and Time Pieces Exhibition view

Session 2 (3pm-5pm)

John Fox and Professor Peter Matthiessen - A Matter of Time: Two collaborators, an artist-poet and an eco-toxicologist, reflect on the passing of time in and around Morecambe Bay.

Professor Peter Harrop (Chester) - Soulcakers: time, calendar, tradition, performance.

Jonathan Raisin and Elizabeth Willow - Making Time: reflections on a year spent performance gardening.

Q&A, chair Gerry Harris (LICA, Lancaster University)


Session 3 (6.30-8)

Dr Philip Stanier (University of Winchester) - Prologue, an opening ceremony

Di Clay - All the wool my mother never knitted

Michael Pinchbeck - Keep Alive Memory: The marking of time on The Long and Winding Road

Q&A, chair Karen Juers-Munby (LICA, Lancaster University)

Saturday 12 March 2011 @ 11am - 8pm