Havens & Borders

Havens & Borders


Havens and Borders

Join artist Charlie Fox and others on a unique metropolitan trail work: Havens and Borders and share your ideas on what it means to you to live here in the Lancaster & Morecambe District.

Monday 29 April 

The walk is in three parts and you can join for any section of it.

Part 1: Morning Walk from Morecambe Railway Station.  Leave from the main exit at 10.15 am to arrive in Lancaster around 12 noon for lunch (approx. 8 km) near to Lancaster Castle.

Part 2: Afternoon Walk from Lancaster Maritime Museum (LA1 1RB) at 1pm to reach Canal Aqueduct over the River Lune (LA1 2TJ) at 2pm. You can join us at either the Maritime Museum (1pm) or the Canal Aqueduct at 2pm.  There is a car park for the aqueduct.

From there we walk to Bare Lane (reach here at 3.30pm) then onto Morecambe Railway Station (around 4.15-4.30 pm arrival) and then on to The Fire Station at approx 5.15pm for a gathering.

Tuesday 30 April

Part 3: Morning Walk leaving Morecambe Railway Station at 9am to reach Heysham Port Station at around 10.30 am. Then from Heysham Port to Lancaster 1.30 - 2pm.

All participant walkers should come suitably shod and attired. Good comfortable walking shoes and depending on weather good rain proof clothes. They should also bring water and snacks to share.

While we walk we will be delving into this Place and thinking about these questions:

  1. Do you have a specific place in Lancaster District that makes you feel immediately at home? A place that suggests a deep sense of belonging?

  2. Where do you seek solace, what's your haven place - and do you know why?

  3. Where do you feel there are frictions or borders in the Lancaster District? Is that a good or bad thing - and why?