Retina Dance Company: Antipode

Retina Dance Company: Antipode


Retina is an ambitious contemporary dance company led by Filip Van Huffel. Working from Belgium and the UK, Van Huffel's work affects the viewer theatrically through physically vibrant movement. Please see the next event for info on the Masterclass, taking place the day after the performance on 27th Jan.

In Antipode, four fantastic male dancers are joined by a double bass player as they perform a raw and exhilarating piece of athletic dance. Powerful and energetic movement emphasises their connection with the live music.

Acclaimed Belgian composer / musician Joris Vanvinckenroye joins Retina to create the soundscore to Antipode. By manipulating the sound of his double bass acoustically and electronically, Joris creates a rich musical landscape that drives the performance with percussive power.

Tuesday 26 January 2010 @ 8pm