Jabadao: The Tig (SEND Friendly Session)

Jabadao: The Tig (SEND Friendly Session)


The Tig is a stunning walk-in sculpture filled with colour and wonder. Inside are six players, (dancers and acrobats), waiting to play.

There are no words. There is a rich sound score.

Come and play.

Feel life in every limb...

Who is The Tig for?

The Tig is for babies and children (0-6) and their families, friends and carers. We especially welcome children and young people with complex learning and health needs. We work with small groups to make sure that everyone has the space and freedom to make the most of this exuberent, physical experience. All the play is child-led; the JABADAO players take their inspiration from the babies and children who arrive for each session. They also play together - it's what they love to do. Some adults join in; some watch with their mouths open in amazement. You choose.

Booking Info

  • This performance is a Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) friendly session.

  • We ask 1 adult to book per person with Special Educational Needs or Disability (there's no upper age limit on this session).

  • We will contact all bookers by email prior to the event with further specific entrance instructions and parking advice.

  • If you have further questions about the event please contact session contact Alice Booth on (alice@lancasterarts.org - 01524 594165) with any queries.

This performance will be held at Ryelands Primary School.

About the company

JABADAO was established in 1985 to create more opportunities for people of all ages and energies across the UK to be exuberantly and physically playful because it has the potential to make life so much better.

We are dancers, acrobats and physical players. We offer full-bodied, whole-hearted events and training - wreathed in smiles and ringing with laughter.

Initiated by Primed for Life, produced and funded by Ludus Dance and Lancaster Arts with additional financial support from - Ryelands Primary and Nursery School, Skerton St Lukes Primary School, The Loyne School, Little Nippers Day Nursery and Friends of Lancaster Childrens Centre's.