Vincent Dance Theatre: Act One

Vincent Dance Theatre: Act One


Vincent Dance Theatre present the company's first ever double-bill, featuring solos by two of the company's best-loved Polish performers: Janusz Orlik and Aurora Lubos.

Test Run overwhelms the senses in a blistering display of dance combined with exquisite live music, whilst Look At Me Now, Mummy is an intimate, funny and moving portrait of a woman lost in her own over-zealous imagination. Both pieces feature the company's trademark humour, passion and raw physicality, combined with great live music.

Extremely funny.... intense, captivating... an outstanding piece of new work

Sheffield Star (on Test Run)
Test Run is a tremendous fusion of virtuoso musicianship and mesmerising dance. Orlik initially seems to be a marionette controlled by the strings of the instruments, but then the roles switch and he takes physical revenge on his tormentors. The trio's abrupt exit is even more low-key than their entrance, with barely a backward glance at the awe-struck audience...

Glasgow Herald (5 Stars)

Wednesday 20 February 2008 to Thursday 21 February 2008 @ 8pm