On Writing and Drawing: Barthes Drawing Workshop

On Writing and Drawing: Barthes Drawing Workshop


On Writing and Drawing: Theorizing and Practicing Creativity with Roland Barthes. Drawing workshop

This hands-on drawing workshop, led by Beth Harland (Lancaster University) and Sunil Manghani (University of Southampton), will explore the theory and practice of Roland Barthes, through discussion, while making drawings. We will introduce some of Roland Barthes’s ideas on forms of creativity by thinking them ‘through’ practice. Barthes produced a considerable number of drawings himself and although, or perhaps precisely because, Barthes did not consider his drawings to be ‘art’, they can be viewed through the lens of his work on the neutral, textual pleasure, and authorship, and may even be seen to throw their own light on these theories.

The workshop is informal and it is not necessary to have expertise in drawing to take part.

Refreshments will be provided.