Tuesday Talk - Ben Cain

Tuesday Talk - Ben Cain


Our Tuesday Talks invite artists to make a presentation about their ideas or practice, but to think beyond a curriculum vitae style presentation.

Ben Cain

Ben Cain (b.1975 leeds) lives and works in London and Zagreb. He is primarily involved in the production of video installations, sculpture, audio work, performances and printed matter, which deal with the convergence of theatre and documentary information, with a particular interest in facilitating and highlighting the viewers’ role in the emergence of subjects and objects. The work tends to be formed through interplay of saying and doing, production and description, action and imagination; where specific outcomes remain unstable and illusive. Recent work has increasingly focused on sight, speech and bodily movement in the process of developing work that oscillates between the visible and non-visible, the physical and the imagined.
Since 2002 Ben Cain has been making posters that either accompany gallery installations, or exist as stand-alone works that are displayed in public space as well as private and domestic settings. Positioned somewhere between the ‘agit’-style formal and highly functional public announcement, and a more intimate and sometimes poetic form of address, these posters often ask their audience to re-assess their perception and influence on the immediate surroundings. Addressing the reader as one who might belong to a potentially effective group, gently urging them to consider the implications of their status as a member of ‘the public’ is a theme that’s often present in the posters, but is also one which frequently emerges in other work.
Ben Cain has been exhibiting internationally for over ten years. In the last year he has exhibited in various places including the slought foundation, Philadelphia; Garanta perform, Istanbul; Wiels, Brussels; the ICA, London; and Lenbachhaus in Munich.

Information taken from http://ben-cain.blogspot.co.uk/

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