Hauser: I Made You A Submarine

Hauser: I Made You A Submarine


I Made You A Submarine, from one of the most exciting young directors working in the North West, is a multi-layered and wonderful story that begins with Muhammad Ali as Billy the Kid and ends by the seaside with a lobster, a bride, a handsome sailor, Napoleon Bonaparte and the mysterious arrival of a submarine.

The show is co-commissioned by the Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster and ICIA Bath. The performance takes its starting point from Johnston's desire to carry off Napoleon from his prison island of St. Helena by means of a submarine. From here on it unfolds as a poetic reflection on ambition and failure, action and immobility, effort, lightness, doing it, not doing it and then doing it anyway.

This new piece conceived and directed by Swen Steinhauser (formerly performer and Artistic Director of Deer Park) and developed in collaboration with six performance artists (Alice Booth, Simon Bowes, Neil Callaghan, Simone Kenyon, Anthea Lewis, Anna Wilson) uses movement, fragments of text, audio-visual images and atmospheres, fragmented narratives and rhythmical structures to construct a world in which ideas, landscapes, forces and sensations float and circulate, everything accompanied by the murmur of the waves, the cries of the gulls and the audience.

Wednesday 11 February 2009 @ 8pm