Reckless Sleepers: Negative Space

Reckless Sleepers: Negative Space


Reckless Sleepers: Negative Space
8pm Wednesday 16 & Thursday 17 November

To begin, Reckless Sleepers built a room-sized wooden frame and lined it with plasterboard. For several weeks they started smashing it up, smashing it down, then piecing together the fragments of their destruction back together. The result is this show, Negative Space.

From a blank architectural canvas, something fantastical emerges. It's a love story. It's a slapstick comedy. It's slasher, action, melodrama...and not a single word is spoken. Soon different possible stories are spiralling around, hurtling towards an ending.

Post-show talk with the company on 16 November.

Director Mole Wetherell.

Devised and performed by Alex Covel, Leentje Van De Cruys, Leen Dewilde, Kevin Egan, Tim Ingram, Mole Wetherell, Rebecca Young.

60mins. 12yrs+

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