Tuesday Talks with Artists: Hardeep Pandhal

Tuesday Talks with Artists: Hardeep Pandhal


Join us virtually on Zoom each Tuesday during the series to hear from artists who will each share a film about what time means to their practice followed by a live Q&A discussion. The Tuesday Talks programme has been developed in collaboration with Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts at Lancaster University.  

Artist Hardeep Pandhal will share his work and research that explores race, identity and societal issues. Hardeep works predominantly with drawing and voice to transform feelings of disinheritance and disaffection into spaces of production that bolster interdependence and self-belief. Applying practices of associative thinking, his research-led projects exhibit what the artist describes as, 'syncretic strains of post-brown weirdness'. Across media, his works are imbued with a sharpness and directness that combines with a playful complexity; at once confrontational and reflective.

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Please note this talk contains adult content