Ali Matthews & Leo Burtin: The Witching Way

Ali Matthews & Leo Burtin: The Witching Way


Two years ago Ali Matthews & Leo Burtin walked the 65 miles from Pendle Hill to Lancaster Castle, retracing the footsteps of the so-called Lancashire Witches who were hanged for seeming a little out of the ordinary. Reflecting on this pilgrimage led them to create the story of The Witching Way.

After trying to be somebody she’s not amidst the perils of peer pressure, W (our teen witch protagonist) is transported to a cottage in a strange landscape. In order to find her way home she must embark on a quest to reckon with her history, overcome extraordinary obstacles, and ultimately find her voice. With music genres spanning folk, blues, punk and drone rock, The Witching Way is a concept album delivered by a live band with animated visuals. Part-fable, part-coming-of-age story, part-gig, this DIY rock opera is a rallying cry for the weird and wonderful among us.



Suitable for

14yrs+ (There is loud music/noise in the performance)