Malika Booker: Unplanned

Malika Booker: Unplanned


Spellbinding, intimate and wickedly funny, Unplanned is the new show from mesmerising performer and writer Malika Booker. A Pandora's Box of stories spells and secrets, this theatrical treat delves into the myths and taboos of getting a bun in the oven (and getting it out again). Malika is a seductive magician who draws on life and its passions to take you to new worlds.

Booker is a master raconteuse, engaging, insightful and poetic. She breathes life in to her well-realised characters with a subtle grace, affording them real voice

Zena Alkayat, Metro
The use of the video in the final segment to tell a very personal story is well judged, a reminder that some incidents and decisions in our lives need distance and that we all live two parallel lives: the one we chose and the one we might have chosen, which lingers like a reproachful ghost in our minds.

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
Malika's performance is warm and friendly, but her writing has a sharp edge. You feel there is something very dark staring at us between wickedly funny lines. I like her deliberately simple style of storytelling. It is so direct and involving

Kazuko Hohki, selecting artist.


Malika Booker is also running an artists masterclass (2pm-5pm, Friday 26 October, –£10 / £7)

Writing and Lies - creating monologues and character voice. Malika is a master of character monologue, and rare as a live artist who always starts with text. In this session she will explore ways to begin conjuring a living voice from what you know, reportage and plain untruths (max 15 participants).

Thursday 25 October 2007 @ 8pm