David Greilsammer: Labyrinth

David Greilsammer: Labyrinth


Each one of us has been, at some point in life, lost, disoriented, or in search of a safe and luminous path.

This feeling of disorientation, leading at times to inner chaos, can also serve as the force that will push us to begin the pursuit of new routes, new ideas, and new emotions. Walking through the daunting sounds of Janacek’s music, and exploring the mysterious alleys of various enigmatic pieces from early baroque to our present days, this is a musical journey to the heart of a beautiful, strange, and dazzling labyrinth.

Janacek’s extraordinary and imaginative music alternates with a variety of mysterious pieces during this recital, arranged like a palindrome, revolving around Janacek’s work “On an Overgrown Path”. The alternating pieces range from the music of CPE Bach to Ofer Pelz’s piece “Repetition Blindness” which was commissioned especially for Labyrinth, creating an exquisite musical experience to heighten the senses.

David Greilsammer’s Labyrinth was an astounding success, and I certainly treasure my experience at his performance
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