17OPEN | French & Mottershead: Aftercare

17OPEN | French & Mottershead: Aftercare


As part of 17OPEN, French & Mottershead’s present their moving audio art work Woodland describing your body’s slow fade in to the leaf litter of the forest floor, experienced whilst lying in the campus woodland at Lancaster University.

On Tuesday 9 May, join the artists and invited guests for Aftercare, a conversation in the gazebo in the woods.  Exact directions can be provided by staff in the gallery, or at the Woodland site.  Share your experience of Woodland, and thoughts on death and the natural processes of life beyond death.

Woodland is part of French & Mottershead's Afterlife series. Afterlife is a series of four 20-minute immersive digital artworks that transport the listener to places which paradoxically none of us will ever know: connecting us with stories of the body’s decomposition after death.

This event is part of OPEN 2017, To join the online OPEN discussion please use the twitter tag: #17OPEN