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There are always ways of becoming involved with us, whether this is as a participant or a volunteer, a job or an artist call-out! 

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Current Vacancies

We are currently recruiting:

  • Ideas & Connectors Group Members

Our vacancy management is coordinated by Lancaster University Human Resources. To browse current Lancaster University job opportunities, go here

Join our Ideas and Connectors Group!

Lancaster Arts is putting together a sounding board of people to help shape our programme and our future: an Ideas & Connectors Group. This group will be composed from a very broad range of people; from artists who have worked with us and those who have not, people who have taken part in our commissioned work and those who have not, our Lancaster Arts volunteers and those who have served on our previous Boards, people who have been part of our audiences for years and those who barely know we exist. A group who represent the communities we live in; an inclusive group made up of people who are excited to be with others who are different to themselves.

We want this to be a dynamic group, excited to be exploring ideas with us, letting us know when our ideas aren’t reaching people and when our programme makes a difference but especially, having fun together and being a highly valued part of our team here at Lancaster Arts. We want it to be easy to take part – sometimes it will mean online meetings to ensure everyone can come and sometimes this will be through workshops or outings or seeing our shows together and having training in areas that you think will be valuable. And it won’t be onerous – the Ideas & Connectors Group will meet three times a year but if you want to get more involved, there will be plenty of opportunities!

The strapline for Lancaster Arts reads as ‘Where Ideas, Creativity and People Connect’. We think the Ideas & Connectors Group will help us to make this real.

If this sparks your curiosity, please download to apply:

Further details:

Our deadline to apply is Friday 8th October


Lancaster Arts hosts commissions all year-round that invite participants to have a direct role in the creation of the work. If this is of interest, please get in touch with us at

Student Opportunities

Lancaster Arts has frequent opportunities for short term placements and internships. One of our marketing placements has written a blog about her experiences last year here.

To find out more about how to get involved, please go here.


Lancaster Arts has fantastic opportunities for volunteering. Please visit our Volunteering page. If you can spare a few hours we are always seeking volunteers of all ages to support our arts activity. Get in touch with us at