Introducing our first online concert

Some thoughts from our new programmer Michael Poll on The Chants of the Thar Desert

During these strange and unusual times, we, the arts community, have taken to extraordinary measures. While it is hard for both artists and audiences not to be able to come together in person, we are working to cultivate opportunity from adversity.

Our world, at Lancaster Arts, has grown. We are no longer constrained by where we are and where artists can be, but only by the extent of our imagination (and the presence of some good microphones and fast internet!). 

The expansion of what we are able to present to you is one of the reasons I am so excited about our first online performance coming up on Thursday 25 June 2020 at 17:30

Ignacio Lusardi, a distinguished Argentinian flamenco guitarist, was in Goa, India, to perform at his brother Santiago’s festival in early March. As you can well imagine his stay there has carried on a bit longer than anticipated!

For the past several months, Ignacio has been collaborating with the Choir of the University of Goa under his brother’s baton, and they have been making music with Portuguese singer Maria Meireles and Indian singer, Rupesh Gawas that blurs the lines of genre, style, and mood. Above is a clip from the Ketevan Festival that gives you an idea of what to expect as well as a sound sample below. I hope you will find these as mesmeric as I do. 

We are extremely fortunate to be collaborating with the University of Goa for this concert, who are generously providing expertise in sound engineering and broadcasting in an effort to bring you the highest possible quality sound and video for our livestream. 

By continuing to present and support artists we ensure the infrastructure for live performance remains robust when we can be together again in person. 

I have already purchased my own ticket and one for the pay it forward scheme as well—I can’t imagine missing this one and would not want anyone else to miss out either.

Please be in touch with if the cost of a ticket would prevent you from joining us. 

I am very excited and look forward to enjoying the music together on Thursday. 

About Michael Poll

Michael Poll is a conductor and classical guitarist who has previously served as the music director of Bloomsbury Opera and as a Junior Fellow at the Guildhall School. In addition to his performance activities he works closely with music festivals and local authorities to increase access to live performance, with a special focus on children and older adults. "Lancaster Arts has a distinguished history of bringing the best live arts to Lancaster and I am delighted to join the wonderful LA team as classical music programmer.”

Posted on 22nd Jun, 2020