Meet Eat and Make: Jen Malarkey and Chris Brown

What’s it all about and how will it happen?

‘Meet Eat and Make’ is part of ongoing research to discover what ‘play’ means to different generations of people and to try out different ways of playing together. 

You’ll meet someone or a group of people from a different generation, in a local cafe along with artists, Jen and Chris. We’ll have a cup of tea and cake together (it’s on us!) and chat about what you think about the area you live in and how you like to spend your time.

And then, with our support, you’ll meet up again to make something fun and creative together for film.

Can I bring a friend and what could I make?

Yes! You could come with your friends, your family or on your own. (All children age 12 and under must attend with a grownup.)

That’s up to you, but we’re interested in what you’re good at, how you play and where you like to spend your free time in the local area. We will support you throughout and help with ideas, creating something you feel proud of.

You might learn a dance in your favourite toy shop, recite a poem while riding a bike, teach someone to skateboard, play with hair and makeup, dress up in costumes and race each other on scooters, play poker for sweets, hold a cake sale from your car, paint a picture together of your favourite view, play the trumpet on the swings - let your imagination run wild! 

Is it for me?

If you’re a child, teenager or adult of any age

If you live, work in or know Lancaster/Morcambe Bay.

If you like to talk to and meet new people

If you want to celebrate and share with others what you are good at

If you like being creative and making fun things happen

Is this project accessible?

The cafe where we will meet is wheelchair accessible and Jen and Chris are two artists who have worked extensively with disabled, deaf and neurodivergent children and adults. Contact: to talk about your specific access needs and how we can support you.

How much time would it take?

You would need to be available on two dates for a 2 hours each time.

Dates and Booking

Lancaster/Morcambe Bay (You need to be available for both dates - there are 2 hour slots available on each day)

Sunday 25th September

Sunday 2nd October

How to book:


Posted on 13th Sep, 2022